How often do the plants need to be watered?

Both the Live Picture units and Live Panel have watering indicators to show when the resoviors that hold two litres of water are empty. They normally need re-filling once every 7-10 days, depending on room humidity and plant selection. Please enquire for more details or a no obligation site visit.

How much light do they need?

After providing us with some information on your chosen location for our systems in your home we can suggest suitable plants for the amount of light available. For larger walls we offer a full LED spectrum installation undertaken by a qualified eletrican, these lights provide everything the plants need to flourish.

What about maintenance?

We offer a full maintenance package on all of our services, however if you would wish to maintain your own living wall then we would provide a training session and literature to help you make the most out of your living wall.


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Email:  info@auburnlivingwalls.gg

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