Indoor and Outdoor Living Walls are scientifically recognised as having considerable environmental benefits, as well as a hugely positive impact on human health and happiness. 


The air purifying effect of plants contributes towards a healthy indoor climate and is proven to increase productivity and have a positive, calming psychological effect.


By its very nature, a mesmerising wall of plants would be sure to rejuvenate a dull interior or exterior space and act as a powerful brand recognition tool.


Our flexible modular design system allows us to tailor each installation to suit your desired shape, size or location.


Our plant choices have been  selected to provide season variations in size, colour growth, bloom and scent. 


 Our experienced team will carefully select an assortment of plants which are suitable for your desired location, allowing you to rest assured that you Living Wall will continue to flourish for many years to come.


Looking for something a bit smaller? Check out our Living Pictures


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